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Jametown Area Grief Support Team is a group of volunteers gathered since 2002 for the purpose of provinding educational opportunities and support to those who are grieving in the Jamestown, ND area. Our mission is "Growing through grief, bringing hope, healing, and wholeness to adults and children."

We believe that "grief is as unique as a snowflake". Each persons grief experience is unique. There are also commonalities experienced by many. Learning about the grief process, sharing grief experiences, and companioning with others going through a similar experience can be a source of support for many. We feel there is no substitute for individuals sharing with others who have had a similar experience.

To provide support, Jamestown Area Grief Support Team (JAGST) provides grief education events four times a year with the addition of six week support groups two times a year.  We also provide a children’s grief retreat each summer. See the upcoming events and grief support group links for detailed information about our events scheduled for the coming months.

JAGST does not offer professional counseling, rather we companion those experiencing grief as a result of loss. The team uses an internationally noted expert on grief, Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s model of companioning the bereaved versus treating grief. JAGST may not be able to meet the special, complex needs of some individuals.

JAGST is a non-profit organization, relying on the financial support of others to carry out our mission.

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Jamestown, ND 58402-1043